Spotlight on The Harvest, Lekki – Quick Date Night Dinner

Lekki Welcomes The Harvest

Restaurant address: The Harvest, Block 26, Plot 10 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1

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Lekki has gained a number of great restaurants this year. One of the latest additions to this crop is The Harvest (no pun intended, ;-)) which describes itself as a ‘gastro-pub’.

The Harvest is located on Admiralty Way, the end closest to Freedom Way. The restaurant itself is on the ground floor of a nice apartment block. I walk in feeling as if I had walked into the wrong place. It’s not the most obvious space for a restaurant but it works although I’m not sure what the neighbours would say.

The Harvest, Lekki for Datenight

I chose the The Harvest for the weekly date night with Hubby. I say weekly but to be honest, it’s more like fortnightly. Life sometimes gets in the way of trying to be romantic but you have to make the effort and be intentional… so anyway, that was my way of being intentional. My hubby is a bit of a creature of habit so he likes to go to the same restaurant over and over again. His first choice is always Marco Polo Chinese Restaurant. Our date nights usually consist of dinner at a nice restaurant, followed by a movie at a cinema nearby. As usual (thanks to me), we are running late for the movie so we are in a rush.

I check my watch, it’s a couple of minutes past 8 pm as we sit down at our table (movie is due to start at 9.10pm so time is not on our side). We already know what we are going to order because I  checked the menu in the menu section of the listing for The Harvest on so we can quickly place our orders. I’m going for the ‘Eatialian’ burger although I was originally planning to order a pizza. I’m in the mood for melted cheese and some meat. I guess you can get that in a burger as well as a pizza anyway, burger it is. Hubby orders the lamb chops and a mojito to drink. I’m really hoping the food comes out by 8.30 pm so that we have enough time to enjoy it. We need to leave by 9 pm latest since we’ve already got our tickets.

Quick Dinner at the Harvest

It’s about 8.05 pm and the waiter has taken our orders and left. I’m using the wait time to catch up with hubby and of course take some snaps of the restaurant so that I can post them with this write up. Take a look…

It’s Saturday evening and the restaurant is pretty lively. There’s a good number of guests. The restaurant is divided into several spaces; the main restaurant that you first enter, a small outside space on your left (reminds me of the small outside space at Circa); a larger outside area branded with a large Budweiser sign; and then the Poolside which is we are sitting. It’s quieter here and a bit more ‘romantic’. The large projector inside the main restaurant plus the metallic chairs and minimalist decor makes the place feel a bit like a sports bar. I think that’s one of the things that made the Harvest popular during the World Cup 2018.

Nice Vibes at The Harvest

There’s a nice vibe by the pool side and the Dj is playing some nice jams. The music level by the poolside is just right. Time is moving quickly. That always happens when you are in a rush!

It’s now about 8.25 and we still don’t have our drinks. I’m always surprised when it takes such a long time for drinks to come out. I guess cocktails/mocktails take a bit longer to make but when I see other people receiving the same drink I often ask myself why they can’t make the drinks in batches. I dunno maybe that’s too advanced.

Drinks at The Harvest

I think I spot the waiter coming in our direction with what looks like a strawberry daiquiri and a mojito although I see more ice that mojito. As the waiter places our drinks on the table, I ask why there is so much ice in the mojito. The waiter says that how a proper mojito is supposed to be. The proof of that is in the tasting and… (takes a sip)…he’s right, this is a good mojito! Thumbs up! It’s not my drink but that doesn’t stop me. Hubby really doesn’t like it when I take his drink. Oh well. There’s love in sharing.

The mojito is good. I prefer it to my daiquiri which is quite sharp. I’m aware some people like it like that, do you? I would usually call the waiter over and ask for an alternative but on this occasion I decide to keep quiet because of the limited time we have. How do you feel about complaining to the waiter about your drink?

My watch says 8.32 pm and our starter has just arrived. We ordered the calamari. Despite taking longer than we would have liked, it tastes so good and was worth the wait. It’s fresh and hot. Just the right amount of batter and seasoning. The accompanying sauce is also good. I will certainly recommend the calamari. I’m sure you can tell from the picture I took that it was really good!

It’s now 8.45 pm and hubby is getting impatient. He gets up to go and talk to the one of the waiters standing around to enquire about our food. It’s been almost 45 minutes since we ordered which on a normal day is the avergae waiting time but we are in a rush and made the waiter aware of this when we ordered. I guess there’s not much he can do about how fast they work in the kitchen. Anyways, I don’t know what the other waiter said to him but as hubby sits back down, I see our waiter approaching our table with our order. Thank God!



Hubby is not happy that the food took ‘so long’ and tells the waiter to come back in 5 minutes with the bill and to pack the food. We are gobbling down as much as we can in 5 minutes and before I know it the waiter is back to collect our food to be packed for takeaway. I don’t know about you but once food is packed for takeaway I forget about it. Do you eat your restaurant leftovers when you get home? I usually give it out because I hate throwing food away.

Anyway my feedback on the food. The wedges were good. Nicely seasoned and cooked. The cheese in the burger was stringy, which I love! The tomatoes were juicy and fresh. The meat may have been a bit over cooked because it was literally crumbling as I cut it. Dunno, maybe that’s a thing but I can’t say I was feeling it. Next time I will probably order a pizza. I hope they use the same stringy cheese for the pizzas.

Here’s a summary of my review of The Harvest:

Food – 4/5

Even though we didn’t have much time to really enjoy the food, hubby liked the lamb chops although he found them a little chewy.

The wedges were good. Nicely seasoned and cooked. The cheese in the burger was stringy, which I love! The tomatoes were juicy and fresh. The meat may have been a bit over cooked because it was literally crumbling as I cut it. Dunno maybe that’s a thing but I can’t say I was feeling it.

Next time I will probably order a pizza. I hope they use the same stringy cheese for the pizzas. There’s quite a to chose from on the menu and a good variety of foods.

Our meals were presented on slabs covered with branded brown paper which is in keeping with the gastro pub style. Very nice! The daiquiri was good but the mojito was better. There’s a wide selection of drinks to chose from there also, from wines to spirits, to cocktails and mock tails so you are bound to find something you like.

Service – 4/5

the waiter was polite. He wasn’t engaging but honestly I didn’t mind. Not everything chat with waiter. Sometimes say as little as possible. He did as we asked regarding packing the food. Although he didn’t make it clear about there being no chips when we placed our order. He tried.

Ambience – 4/5

The Harvest had a very chilled vibe when we went (Saturday evening). The volume of the music when we were there was perfect. There’s a space in the restaurant for every mood. The main restaurant was quite bright and lively. I wasn’t in that kind of mood hence why I chose the poolside which was more chilled and relaxed. The lighting was darker which I guess made for a more romantic vibe, suitable for date night lol.

Value for money – 4/5

Our bill came to N21,000.  The average cost of a main is about N5,500 which is average for Lekki restaurants. I didn’t feel cheated for the amount spent on the food. I just wished we didn’t have to rush but that’s my fault.

Facilities – 4/5

There’s a swimming pool in the middle of the restaurant. Wish I had asked whether that was part of the plan or a bi product of the space available. I also wish I had asked whether the pool is just for decoration or whether you can swim in it.

Overall Rating – 4/5 (80%)

Have you been to The Harvest? What did you think? If you haven’t been yet, I hope this write up has convinced you to Book a table now on