Spotlight on RSVP – Lunch in a Trendy Restaurant

A Classy Lunch at RSVP

The ambience at RSVP

RSVP is a beautiful space, although it lights up at night, it is still great for a lunchtime meetup.  Clearly, the restaurant was purposefully built, it is architecturally sound, I got an outdoor vibe indoors; the space looks like an intentional extension of a building. The visible black pipes, sunroof, wall art, brown and copper furniture with black marble tables and large yellow flowers and ferns make for an extremely visually pleasing space. Everything works and ties in together nicely, nothing looks out of place or like an afterthought. There is definitely something at RSVP for everyone; with a wide range of options from poultry to meat, to fish, and there is the choice to adjust some of the dishes to a customer’s liking (for vegans, vegetarians and people with allergies). See RSVP listing on

The menu at RSVP

The Drink

My time at RSVP was off to a great start with the Copa Del Lebanon, which is made from Rum, Martini rose, peach, fresh orange, fresh lemon, cucumber and pomegranate. Simply put, it was great!

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Lagos is hot! (like you didn’t know that). The cocktail was so refreshing and just what I needed on a hot day, without knowing I needed it. The ingredients stood out individually and were in just the right amounts, I could taste everything, but nothing overpowered anything else. I could taste every ingredient, yes even the cucumber, which, let’s be honest is basically water. Everything was necessary, I didn’t feel like it could have done with less or more of anything else. It was sweet, tangy, unexpected, refreshing, strong enough to get the night started or just for an afternoon drink. And to top it off, it’s such a beautiful looking drink! I highly recommend you try it, especially on a really hot day.


The Food

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I ordered a burger called ‘The Burger’ as a main. The patty was served with tomato relish, caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese in a homemade brioche bun with a side of chips.

Let’s start with the bun, it was thick, fluffy and firm enough to grip, with a nice glaze to it.  Inside was pitted to accommodate the tomato relish and caramelized onions. I really appreciated this because it was easy to pick up without the fear of everything falling out! I had my patty medium done, expecting it to be well done as restaurants love to do in Lagos, but it was actually medium done. It was tender, juicy, melted nicely, additionally, the cheese, tomato relish and caramelized onions complemented this beautifully

There was a lot of bun but there was also a lot of patty and garnish… basically, there was a lot of burger, which was generous and much appreciated.

The chips were good; crispy on the outside and fluffy well salted inside. As a whole, a delicious burger.






The Seafood Pappardelle is homemade pasta served with prawns, calamari, squid, parmesan cheese and a light sauce. Yum!

RSVP was generous with the seafood to the extent that a description of the dish as seafood garnished with pasta would have been apt. However, I found the sauce to be a bit thin, nonetheless flavourful, I wasn’t mad though, it wasn’t like broth and it was just enough to add flavour to the dish throughout without me scooping it at the bottom. In all, the pasta was good.

The caramel bread pudding was to die for! To be honest, I had high expectations because, unlike the other desserts, it took 20 minutes to prepare. So, of course, I had high expectations!

They say good things are worth waiting for and this was definitely worth the wait, it greatly surpassed my expectations. Although the drink and main courses were really good, this caramel bread pudding is in a league of its own. It even tastes better than it looks. If you love caramel, hot brioche bread and ice-cream, you’ll love this.

The Brioche bread was slightly crunchy outside and with a very soft, moist core, revealing the pudding. It was sweet, but not sickening, melted nicely in my mouth and came on a hot skillet, which kept the bread pudding nice and hot so, I never found it drying out (then again, maybe I ate it too quickly, lol). The rich, thick caramel sauce was a nice addition and it complemented the overall dessert very nicely. The portion size was also impressive as it could easily be shared with another person (especially at the end of a meal).

The vanilla ice-cream served with it gave the dessert a nice cold contrast to the bread pudding. This is definitely a good dessert after a meal or to cure a sweet tooth craving.


The Bill

Seafood Pappadel-N6,800


Caramel Bread-N3,600

Copa Del Lebanon-N3,000

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