Spotlight on Chai Tang – Fine dining Chinese Restaurant

Reinventing fine dining at Chai Tang

The ambience at Chai Tang

Chai Tang is a fine dining chinese restaurant and it is breathtakingly beautiful! It is inside Twin Waters so it was fairly easy to locate and there is excessive parking inside the premises. From the moment you walk in, you are transported into, dare I say- an architectural masterpiece, for a restaurant. It appears that everything, and I mean every fixture was meticulously thought out and planned exquisitely. The large space looks simple, crisp and well put together with extremely noticeable and intricate details such as the plate sets or the wooden bridge at the entrance of the restaurant. Also, the restaurant’s colour scheme; neutral with a pop of colour gave me very serene vibes. While dining, whether inside or out on the terrace, one can see a view of the ocean. Sitting in the restaurant, I imagined how beautiful and amazing of an experience, it would be, watching the sunset as one dined. I must say, the creation/ planning of this restaurant left nothing wanting with regards to its aesthetics. It is so mesmerising that I will advise a visit, just to take in its beauty and its overarching atmosphere.

The Menu at Chai Tang

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Drinks Menu at Chai Tang 

The Chapman was your basic Chapman. I appreciated how well everything worked together and I could tell from its colour that they were not trying to do too much in mixing this drink. It was sweet, refreshing, and hit the right notes.

The Shirley Temple was okay, they keep it old-fashioned, typically making it with ginger ale, grenadine syrup garnished with cherry and lime. For the most part, it was true to form and primarily tasted like ginger ale with a twist.

Food Menu at Chai Tang

The Chicken Spring Rolls were impressive. They were a good size and were stuffed with chicken and vegetables. When I say stuffed, I mean they did not hold back at all, there was a lot of filling in a very thin wrapper, just the way I like it but not so much that it couldn’t be held up. Rather, they had a really nice crunch, which contrasted well with the tenderness of their stuffing, they were served hot and with the chilli sauce… tasted amazing. It was a promising start!

I thoroughly enjoyed the House Special Rice. It was on the right side of tasty, and a very good portion size. The vegetables, shrimp and diced meat were added in abundance and the dish reached new heights when the chilli sauce was added.

Desserts at Chai Tang

The Moist Chocolate Brownie