Spotlight on Salma’s Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Authentic Lebanese Cuisine in Lagos

The ambience at Salmas

One word… Tranquil. Salma’s has a general vibe and ambiance that draws you in and makes you want to stay.

Sharing its space with Cactus, Salma’s Lebanese restaurant is located within Maroko Bayshore Suites. Its décor is simple, yet, beautiful and its  ambiance gives a modern middle-eastern experience. Salma’s is a good destination for every age group and almost every occasion; it simply oozes elegance. The restaurant is made up of an interior and exterior part, which caters for smokers and non-smokers alike. It has a pool overlooking a scenic view of the ocean, which complements the restaurant’s atmosphere. To top things off, the customer service was top of the range, frankly, it’s was one of the best I’ve experienced in Lagos, everyone seemed very genuine, took ownership and were genuinely willing to serve.


The Menu at Salmas

The Drinks

I decided to be adventurous and try two drinks I hadn’t had before; both alcoholic and both very different.


In a bid to truly experience the place and on the recommendation of the waitresses, I had a glass (more like a shot) of Arak; which is a staple in most traditional Lebanese restaurants.

My second drink was the Berry Caipirinha which was absolutely divine. Looks great and tastes great! If you like your chapman and berry blast, then you’ll fall in love with this the way I did. It’s like it was made specially for me. It’s a great drink for a very light buzz on a hot afternoon, also, it’s a great way to start off the night.


The Food

Before getting into the food, I would like to point out and praise Salma’s for their ‘Salma’s Lent Extras’. As the name implies, it is an additional menu for the Lenten period; tailored to the needs and requirements of those who participate. This way, one does not have to feel like they have to miss out during Lent.



Primarily, everything that was ordered was fresh, tasty, and presented beautifully, to share.



The Batata Harra is a potato dish made with tomatoes, herbs and lemon. Although this dish is not normally spicy, it can probably be adjusted to taste. The potatoes, which were a good portion, were cooked to perfection. They tasted like they were marinated in herbs and spices, which ensured the taste was consistent throughout. It went well with the pita bread and olive oil flavour, which complemented all the dishes nicely.


The Meat Sambousek is small but mighty one. It is the perfect starter and absolutely delicious. It looks like a mini meat pie, but with less dough and meat basically bursting at its seams. The crunchy exterior complemented the beef inside, perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised that they did not skimp on the meat. I’m just going to say it now: this restaurant does not play with their meat! It was tender, juicy, and the flavours were on point. It wasn’t spicy at all, and as a spice lover, I wasn’t mad. The meat inside melted in my mouth, was perfectly salted and seasoned… it was absolutely delicious.

The Mixed Grill comprised of charcoal-grilled skewers of seasoned goat and chicken cubes, served with garlic sauce and fried vegetables. I would recommend this to everyone. The goat and chicken cubes were totally unexpected, mouth-watering and melted in my mouth. They were well salted, spicy (not hot) and incredibly tender. You could taste that they were marinated and grilled with love and care. The garlic sauce was a great addition, as it was thick, yet smooth and paired perfectly with this and everything ordered.


  • Great vibes that ensure your comfort
  • Price point for most meals are decent
  • Beautiful ocean view
  • Great for almost every occasion
  • Child friendly
  • Impeccable service


Berry Caiprnha- N1750

Glass of Arak- N1,500

Batata Harra- N3,300

Meat Sambousek-N2200

Mixed Grills- N7,700