Spotlight on La Brioche

Brunch at La Brioche

La Brioche is a cute dainty space that makes you feel like you have been transported to a French tea party. Its pastel colour scheme with floral detail, intricate gold silverware on a lace tablecloth makes for the ideal (Instagram worthy) brunch spot. It has a much appreciated large window which sips in rays of natural light into the dining space.  Although the restaurant is wildly popular for its brunch, they have a lunch and pastry menu, there is definitely something for everyone. The general vibe and ambience of the space is refreshing and beautiful

The menu at La Brioche

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The Pineapple Juice was refreshingly sweet, pulpy, it had a bit of a tangy kick and it was served at the right temperature; cold, this juice complemented the whole meal, both times I had it.

The La Classique is the traditional English breakfast, it comes with potatoes, brioche bread, eggs, bacon, sausage and baked beans. The bread was a delicious brioche style bread that was lightly toasted with salted butter. The eggs were cooked to my liking; I like my eggs cooked as a sunny side up and runny, these eggs were just right and very tasty. No complaints here! The dish came with diced potatoes which were soft and delicious. The baked beans were… baked beans and they complemented the whole dish.


For the presentation of Crab Cake Benedict, you can expect brioche bread topped with two crab cakes, which, are also topped with poached eggs and a variation of hollandaise sauce to finish. The bread was dense, glorious and lightly toasted with butter. The crab cake themselves were well-seasoned and a little dry. The runny eggs and creamy hollandaise sauce, combined well with the drier crab cake. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work…it worked (lol). The salad served with the dish was also doused in the hollandaise sauce and complemented the dish. The crunch of the crab with the fluffiness of the bread and the moistness of the eggs were a treat.

The Buttermilk pancakes came in a portion of three medium-sized pancakes. You can expect buttermilk pancakes sprinkled with blueberries on top. I was pleased that the blueberries were not infused in the pancakes because this could have been detrimental. The pancakes were just right’ they were fluffy, dense, buttery, and melted in my mouth and were particularly delicious when doused in the syrup. They had a bit of a crisp outside that graciously introduced the fluffy interior. And! They were very filling.

French toast was my favourite dish. It came in a portion of two slices of bread served with strawberries, blueberries and sugar sprinkled on top. The brioche bread slices were thick and soft. I appreciated that the eggs did not just sit on top of the bread rather, they sunk into the bread. I imagine the maker of this dish worked with the density of the bread, as it seemed like the bread sat in well-salted eggs for a good amount of time before being fried in butter. The exterior of the toast was crisp and had a nice glaze to it without being too oily. The berries added a subtle sweetness to the bread as well.


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